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RenTrac Online   RenTrac for Windows
Manage an unlimited number of tenants
Filter the tenant list based on property and status
Write contracts and export to a contract template
Maintain tenant accounts and generate statements
Keep notes on each tenant
Manage multiple properties
Facilitate multiple units per property
Facilitate multiple rental "spaces" per unit
Keep notes on each property
Record income and expenses on each property
Setup recurring property expense entries*
Log and track maintenance items
Manage multiple owners with personal preferences*
Keep owner contact information*
Keep notes on each owner*
Facilitate seasonal rent rates
Produce reports (rent due, vacancy, occupancy, etc.)
Implement proprietary contract templates
HTML, Web-based interface
Windows application
FREE! (up to 2 properties and 5 units)
Extensible (unlimited number of rentals)*
$20/month for up to 50 units
$0.20/month each additional unit (in blocks of 50)
* Requires a paid license for the "Extended" version.

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