Built for property managers by property managers
RenTrac is the most reasonably priced rental property management software on the Web.

Property owners can use RenTrac for free to manage up to five rental units in up to two distinct properties. That's right, it's completely free. The free license is referred to as RenTrac Standard, and all you need to do to get started is sign up. You will be granted immediate access.

Property managers who need to track properties for multiple owners can upgrade from the free Standard version of RenTrac to the Extended version. RenTrac Extended costs $20/month (or $200/year) for up to 50 units. Additional units can be licensed in blocks of 50 for $0.20/month (or $2.00/year) per unit.

You have nothing to lose. You can try RenTrac Standard for free. If it does everything you need, you can continue to use it for free. If you need the Extended functionality, you can upgrade from the Standard version whenever you like.

Give RenTrac a try. It's on us!
Feature Standard Extended
Have an unlimited number of users X X
Manage multi-unit properties X X
Divide units into rooms/spaces (for batching singles) X X
Track property expenses X X
Track property maintenance X X
Manage tenants (current, past, and future) X X
Write contracts with tenants X X
Perform batch entries across multiple tenants at once X X
Facilitate seasonal rent rates (Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer) X X
Maintain tenant accounts (including rent, deposits, etc.) X X
Generate rent due reports X X
Generate vacancy reports X X
Generate occupancy reports X X
Generate property maintenance reports X X
Generate tenant account statements X X
Generate cash flow statements X X
Generate income statements X X
Limited to 2 properties and 5 units X  
Accommodate an unlimited number of properties and units   X
Grant your tenants access to the RenTrac Tenant Portal   X
Grant your owners access to the RenTrac Owner Portal   X
Adjust seasonal periods   X
Optionally pro-rate rent for partial month occupancies   X
Manage owners   X
Link owners to properties   X
Maintain owner accounts   X
Generate owner account statements   X
Keep a general ledger   X
Upload contracts in PDF format   X
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