Built for property managers by property managers

  • runs on a server in a brick hosting facility in Salt Lake City, UT. The building was originally designed to contain railroad combustibles. As a result, the facility was built to withstand bomb blasts, earthquakes, floods, etc. Its walls are approximately two feet thick.

  • is secured with biometric scanners. This means a specific finger print is required to gain entrance to the facility.

  • is backed up on three unique hard drives every night. Counting the original, four unique copies of your information exist at any given time.

  • is password protected. For anyone to access your account they must discover your password. Make your password difficult to guess and don't share it with others.

  • has been around since 1999 without any reports of compromised security or data loss.

  • is an entitlement-driven, limited-access web site. In other words, nobody can access your information unless they are entitled to.

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